Paradise Awaits You

Have You Ever Been To Paradise?


I know that’s a pretty broad question.  Let me put it this way.

Have you ever been to a place or had a moment in your life where you thought, “I’m in heaven, I’m in paradise, Everything is just perfect right now, or Life is good”?

Maybe you were on vacation somewhere with a beautiful view of the beach or the mountains.  You could have been in a different country relaxing, sipping on a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop in Paris, France.  Maybe in the safari watching a herd of giraffes run together, or on a cruise ship sailing the beautiful, blue ocean sea line?

Take yourself back to that “free” moment in your life where you felt no pain, worries, regrets or negativity.

Close your eyes and imagine being in that moment, and exact time in your life when everything seemed so perfect.  Continue this little exercise until you get that warm feeling again and you can actually be in that moment once again.

How do you feel right now?

Good, right?

What if you could feel like this every day, all the time?

Wouldn’t that be pretty cool?

Well I can tell you that’s how I live my life every single day and it’s pretty freakin awesome!

No pain, no worries, no regrets and no negativity.

I also understand what you could be thinking or wondering right now; he’s never been in my shoes, he doesn’t know how my life is right now, or he doesn’t have it as bad as I do.  I am very bold when I say this… I’ve been there BEFORE!  I’m not there right now but I’ve been at the bottom before and it sucks!  And I’ve been very close to ending it BUT here’s what happened.

At that point in my life I had no money, etc. all I had was ME.  My time and my thoughts.

There are some research professionals who say we have around 3,000 thoughts a day.  I know.. CRAZY huh?

As soon as I heard that I literally would try and count each thought.  Haha all 3,000!  Because I didn’t believe it.  I quickly realized it was true.  How?  Well it got real hard to count every one of them. :)

Here’s what I learned from this “test”.

My attitude about every little single thing began to change.  This was weird for me because I have never been in this state of mind before.  So I was out of my “comfort zone” to say the least.  I quickly noticed I began to make some different choices and started to have some uncommon results from the choices I made.

My first thought, Dude what the hell?  This is pretty cool. :)

For the FIRST time in my life my attitude about everything was positive.

This was pretty freaky for me.

You know when you purchase a new car and for the first week or so you feel a little “unnormal” because it’s a major change to get a new car after you have driven the same car for such a long time.  Takes a few days or weeks to “get use” to it.  That’s pretty much how I felt.  At the end of the day I began to feel better about myself and my well being.

So what did I do from there?

I ran with it.  I never looked back.

And that’s exactly how you have to approach life every single day.  ‘Yesterday is not today and tomorrow is yet to be seen.”  Start with increasing your positive thoughts and your attitude about everything and it will help you make better choices, period!

Change will occur.

No one really likes change because it usually consists of something not cool or entering a comfort zone where you have never been.  But here’s something that’s awesome!  Your attitude and feelings can help you attract good change.  Changes that have you excited, happy, and fearless.  Changes to where you just can’t wait another minute to see something new happen.

You can do this!

Just find that “happy place”, Peter Pan style, and just chill there for about 20 minutes every day.  Morning time is the best.  At least 45 minutes after you awake, and right before you go to bed at night.

Your life is freakin awesome!  So live it up to its fullest!

Much love,

Jason Braud

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