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Getting your ROI as quickly as possible while providing top value is our #1 goal and focus when partnering with each of our clients.

Monthly Reports

We deliver your monthly reports with your rankings including any important details, updates or news regarding your search engine results. Staying up-to-date is an important value we like to bring to the table.

Stay Authentic

Working with our SEO maseterminds you'll receive nothing but the real deal, truth, pure, authentic value each and every day. We are constantly involved with a growing genius group of SEO masterminds with some of the best in the industry in SEO and search engine marketing.


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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We strive to bring the best value so that means multiple rankings on the first page not just one spot. Total Google domination is the name of the game.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Catapulting your videos to the top of the video search results in Youtube and Google is a strong SEO strategy we like to implement. Remember, multiple rankings is the key to ranking the SERPS.

Website Design and Optimization

Website Design and Optimization

Does your website need a redesign? Delivering quality-looking and high converting design with mobile friendly compatibility will give you the ultimate edge over your competitors.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Combining all the tools and strategies like social, paid ads, email and retargeting display advertising will have your website receiving new customers from numerous sources instead of just one.

Erich Andreas

CEO / YourGuitarSage

"Jason Braud has continued to provide my business and team with superb SEO results for a ton of my highly targeted Google searched keywords. I recommend Jason and all his Search Engine Marketing."

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The internet is revolutionizing the way we gather information. We simply no longer take trips to the library or sift through a phone book to locate information. What once could take hours, takes seconds by accessing a smartphone or tablet. When people want to find information, they’re going directly to a search engine such as Google. It’s quickness, convenience, and the ability to find the best results at the top of the page are just a few reasons people keep utilizing search engines.

As a business owner, landing on the first page of a search engine is crucial. You need to be found when a consumer is looking to make a purchase. The process of landing on the first page of search engines is called search engine optimization. Many business owners turn to our trusted Pensacola SEO experts. We are known as the best seo company in the Pensacola, Florida area. With us, you receive a seo expert that can rank your website on search engines for popular keywords that are important to your business. This leads to increased traffic. If this is important to you, contact us today.

Here is what you will get when you work with our SEO company:

A Roadmap to Success

It’s not enough to say we will drive traffic to your website. Our search engine marketing team will provide a roadmap of the process. A lot of SEOs promise results but don’t go into detail of how they will execute. That’s not the case with our team. We make it a point to work with our customers and build a custom plan that works best for them. It’s not a one size fits all method.

Web Presence

The exposure you receive from being on the first page of popular search engines will give your business brand recognition. With a strong web presence, it will help your brand develop consumer confidence. With increased recognition and confidence, more people are apt to visit and make a purchase from your website. Our goal is to provide targeted traffic to your website.

Website Review

Our SEO experts in Pensacola will perform a thorough website review. We will identify and resolve any trouble areas that are holding your site back from sitting on page one of Google.
One aspect of SEO is the execution of targeted keywords. We will review the current keywords that reside on your website. Once we have a better understanding of what you are targeting, we will make a few suggestions to increase exposure. The keywords selected will be strategically placed throughout your website. Our team has the experience of executing results based on data. With this data, we are able to make sure search engines are indexing all of your pages.
Algorithm Changes

One thing that seems consistent with search engines is that the algorithm is always changing. It is important to align yourself with a trusted Pensacola SEO company. What makes us different is that we are always testing new strategies. When an algorithm change is executed, our team will perform the updates necessary to ensure top rankings.

Jason Braud SEO has the experience and knowledge you need to help grow your business. Contact us today.


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