How To Tackle The Untouchable

Have you ever moved to a new city without your choice to go?

Or have you ever had to switch jobs and your vote didn’t really matter.

Or maybe when you were young and you had to switch schools without your vote counting because your parents made you?

Those are huge changes that occur in your life, don’t you agree?

There is a huge difference in one city over the other, right?

You have to leave behind your friends, possibly your family, your favorite restaurants, your favorite local shops, etc.

Something like this requires a dramatic shift in your daily life and habits.

Change is an unusual thing that happens no matter what, don’t you agree?

I’m sure you do because you have probably experienced a major change in your life by now.

There are over six billion people on this planet and all of us go through the same thing at least once in our life.  But what about the small changes that happen every day?  What about the small things that go “unnoticed” and our response to those types of situations?

Well the answer is.. We don’t really “see” them because our days are so busy and we have so many thoughts that run through our mind that cause us to miss them.

So how do we “see” them and begin to fully understand the reasoning behind them?

It is a lot easier than you might think.

Changes occur to the response of our choices we make in the past.  You see the past “writes” our future and has a lot to do with the changes that happen to us whether that be under our decisions or apart of someone close to us, but they do.

Now let’s take it back a few steps further….

What causes us to make the right or wrong choices or decisions that happen every day in our life?

THIS we can change ourselves without the help of anyone else.

It’s our feelings and emotions.

You see our emotions are very sensitive and our feelings react very quickly to our “mood”.  So in order to start receiving positive change and good things in our life we first have to go back to the beginning and start with changing the way we feel.

This has a lot to do with our thoughts and our words.  Start by increasing your thoughts and words to be positive.  We have over 3,000 thoughts a day and you can’t monitor all of them but you can start to discipline yourself to increase the amount of positive thoughts you have per day.

For every one positive thought is equal to 100 negative thoughts so it’s not to late to start with a small change FIRST and that is by increasing your positive thoughts daily.

In return the changes that will start to happen will be for the better.

This exercise will effect the decisions we make following change that happens daily in our life.  Knowing what the future holds for you is an incredible feeling.  It’s a feeling that excites you every morning.  At one point in my life my thoughts and direction were no where near this mindset but I made a quick change.  Start with this baby step first, paradise awaits you.

Life for me has not always been that smooth and I share that rocky road with you in my story.

I challenge you to look at your life from a HIGHER POINT of view from now on.  At least do it for a week and see how you start to feel.  Then you will begin to see how the results and the people around you start to react to your positive change.

Always live in the NOW.  Never live in the past and know the future has yet to be seen.  So focus your energy on the results that you can accomplish TODAY.

Your life is freakin awesome!  So live it up to the fullest!

Much love,

Jason Braud

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