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No House and No Clothes What Do I Do Next?

Snow Storm

It’s a cold and stormy winter Saturday morning. The temperature is below freezing and the wind chill is 10 degrees. Having the thought of even going outside gives you the chills. No way am I going outside today, you tell yourself that while getting ready. But… what if… You didn’t have this house to keep you warm.  What if you were living outside in that nasty, cold weather? You would be miserable right? Being grateful [...]


The Art of the Hustle


Sometimes we get caught up in the daily “hustle” to only realize we forgot about the process behind all the hustle. Let me walk you through a short story real quick.. Joe is an average 9 to 5er.  He works at an advertising agency and Joe has had this job for 3 years now. Joe works his butt off and that shows in his work and his performance.  He regularly gets complements from his boss [...]


Is There Always a Winner and a Loser?


Up or Down? You get to choose. Everything you do has an upside or downside to it.  You agree? Think about it this way… In sports there is always a winner and a loser (take football for example – minus the very rare times when the game ends in a tie). The upside of being on the winning team is that you won the game.  There is ALSO an upside to losing the game as [...]


The Road Less Traveled


Moving in the RIGHT direction is very important in life. BUT Sometimes we get distracted or led in the wrong direction.  It happens. Realizing this is often times extremely hard.  We don’t feel like its “time” to make the conscious decision to realize this.  So what do we end up doing? We ignore it or push it aside.  Well.. this response can really hurt us.  I did this a few years back and it came back to [...]


Who do you ride with?

Road Traveled

  Friendship is one of the most important cycles of life.  Meaning…  Friends come and go, right?  You’ve had friends in the past that are not your friends today, correct?  With that being said.. Friendships are apart of your cycle of life. Here’s a great tip I’ve learned over the past few years… Create a cool Circle of Friends.  What’s the difference between a Circle of Friends and someone just being your friend? Well.. Here’s [...]