No House and No Clothes What Do I Do Next?

Snow Storm

It’s a cold and stormy winter Saturday morning.

The temperature is below freezing and the wind chill is 10 degrees.

Having the thought of even going outside gives you the chills.

No way am I going outside today, you tell yourself that while getting ready.

But… what if…

You didn’t have this house to keep you warm.  What if you were living outside in that nasty, cold weather?

You would be miserable right?

Being grateful for the “over-looked” things in life is something that you SHOULD pay attention to each and every day.

Gratitude has a great way of partnering with your feelings so let me explain real quick what I mean here.

Knowing that you have food to eat everyday is something you should be thankful for and that is a gratitude feeling.

Having a warm bed to sleep in at night is a gratitude feeling.

Coming home every day to a roof over your head is a gratitude feeling.

You may not say it or acknowledge it every day but it is something that you are thankful for.

You are happy that you have these things, correct?  Because if you didn’t have these things you would be very upset about having to sleep outside in the 10 degree wind chill weather.

Happiness is a feeling.  We all have feelings and emotions and being happy is one of them.

By increasing your happiness your results in your life expand to be equal to your feelings.

Results and feelings go hand in hand.  Just like peas and carrots. :)

So lets just say you would love to get better results in your business.  Or lets say you want to live a more fulfilling life.  Better relationships, better income, better opportunities and a better lifestyle.

To jump start these type of results all you have to do is increase your feelings of gratitude.

Be grateful for what you DO HAVE right this very minute no matter how small or large those things are.

By focusing on what you do have instead of the things you don’t have this will create a spark of better results.

Give this lil’ exercise a try.

Wake up 30 minutes earlier tomorrow.  After you have had your shower and you are ready to start your day go to the kitchen table and sit down with a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

Alarm Clock

I want you to start writing down the things that make you happy.

Here are a few examples:

  • A warm shower in the morning
  • A roof over my head at night
  • The clothes on your back
  • The coffee you get to drink in the mornings

Come up with 10 or so things.

Now I want you to answer this question for each of those things you just wrote down.

Why are you grateful?… for a warm shower in the mornings, a roof over your head at night.

Right down the answer, right after the thing you just wrote down that you are grateful for.

It will look something like this:


I am grateful to wake up every morning to a warm shower because a cold shower every morning would start me off on the wrong foot.


I am grateful for a roof over my head because having to sleep outside would be life threatening in this cold, stormy weather.

Write Down Your List

What this lil’ exercise will help you do is increase your feelings about these “over-looked” things in your life that really do make you happy.  We all have a busy life and sometimes it’s hard to focus on the small things that really do have a great impact in our lives.

Repeat this exercise each morning and add 2 or 3 things each morning to this list.

Go back and read over the previous things you are grateful for each time you add something new to this list.

This exercise will get your feelings and emotions to reach its highest peak.  By doing this your feelings with increase.

What else will start to increase?

Yes, your results in your life.

Everything!  I’m talking about everything.

Anything that gets you a result will become a bigger result.

Bigger results equal better lifestyle.

Give this exercise a try.  I promise you it will make a huge difference in your business and your financial lifestyle as well.

If you have any comments about this exercise or would like to add to it then I would love to hear it!

Leave all your comments and feedback in the comment section below.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read this blog post.  I really appreciate you!

Much love,

Jason Braud

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The Art of the Hustle

Sometimes we get caught up in the daily “hustle” to only realize we forgot about the process behind all the hustle.

Let me walk you through a short story real quick..

Joe is an average 9 to 5er.  He works at an advertising agency and Joe has had this job for 3 years now.

Joe works his butt off and that shows in his work and his performance.  He regularly gets complements from his boss on how well he performs at work.  He also loves his job.  He loves helping people get great results for the money they spend on an ad campaign that is strategically thought of by his companies marketing strategy team.

Every day Joe goes to work thinking he is doing a great job on educating his clients on why they should invest their dollars into working with his ad agency.  He enjoys seeing a big smile on their face after he reports back to each client with the final results report.

Every day is pretty much the same kind of day for Joe.

Work hard, hustle hard, get paid.

His thought process never changes.

He knows exactly what kind of numbers he needs to hit to get that 5K bonus and he knows the exact number of clients he needs to acquire each month in order to “keep his job”.

You see Joe is a great man.  He has supported himself for many years.  He has come to know exactly what he needs to do to survive in this down economy.

But there is something Joe does not know and could have a life changing impact on him immediately.

Every day Joe creates his journey.  His journey, his work “road map” and his lifestyle.

Just like Joe, most people don’t ever get taught “how to think”.

How to think is an art.  Creative thinking opens up so many NEW doors for you and your career.

Starting with a new thought will cause your subconscious mind to think of new ideas when you aren’t really expected them.

Sound pretty cool?

These ideas…think of them like a seed and the ground which you plant a seed needs to be good soil in order for it to grow.

Your ground, the place where your seed is planted, can either be good soil, rocky soil or sandy soil.  This option is something that you get to choose.

  • By placing your seed in sandy soil this will cause your seed to not grow to its fullest potential.
  • By placing your seed in rocky soil this will cause your seed to have to grow around the rocks causing growth problems and it will take much longer time for your seed to grow to its fullest potential.
  • By placing your seed in good soil, you give that seed the best opportunity to grow at the fastest and strongest that seed could ever grow.

Everyone has these seeds that are planted in your mind each and every day.. They are called your THOUGHTS.

You can only have 2 different types of Thoughts… Good or Bad.

Bad thoughts will give your seed (your thought) a BAD start to its growth.  That seed is placed in the rocky or sandy soil right from the start.

Good thoughts always give you an advantage because they are immediately placed in good soil.  Soil that will give that thought a great start to its growth in becoming the best it can be, or in this case give that thought the best opportunity for you to succeed in life or business.

Finding a routine every day to consciously think good thoughts is hard for most people.  Why?  Well because you haven’t been “programmed” to think like that.. pretty much never before.  So, to all of a sudden start thinking like that, it’s hard.  I had a very hard time with this during my earlier years of life that’s when my past life hit a rough patch.

But I would like to share with you a quick and easy way to get “your mind right” so you don’t have to travel down the long road of failure and just plain ole misery.

Thinking good thoughts needs to become a habit.  Start with making it become a small habit first.  Don’t go overboard with it, just make a conscious effort every day to think about some positive, good thoughts.  Here’s how you can do this.

Every morning or evening you take a shower or a bath, correct?

For me it’s every morning and sometimes it’s again at night.  Again, for me a shower lasts anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.  This is where I started getting into the habit of thinking good thoughts.  Start pairing up this new habit with other daily habits that you have.

Here are some daily habits you can start to pair up your new habit, thinking good thoughts.

  • Bathing or showering
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Driving to work
  • Picking up your children from school
  • Laying in bed just before you fall asleep at night

You see all of these habits above are daily habits.

So how do you pair up your good thoughts with these daily habits?

Easy, start to think about the things you are grateful for during these times.  Again, this exercise will help you get to your ultimate goal which is: be able throughout your entire day to think about more good thoughts than bad.  Starting with gratitude thoughts will help you develop a more positive thought driven mind and even a good subconscious mindset.

We all need to start somewhere and this is a perfect, easy exercise to start with.

Think about the small things that you are grateful for, for example:

  • Your spouse
  • Your home
  • Your children
  • Your clothes
  • Your shoes
  • Hot shower in the morning
  • Your car
  • Food
  • Your healthy body
  • Your eyes
  • Your heart
  • Your hands and fingers
  • Your legs
  • Your hearing
  • Your taste
  • Your job
  • The money that you DO have, no matter what the amount is

You’ll start to “figure” this out once it starts to become a daily habit.

Joe has his habits just like you.  Joe also could change his results in business and life if he started thinking more positive thoughts instead of the same routine he has acquired over the years.

Look at it this way…

If you did the same thing over and over again.. no matter what it is you will get the same exact result or very damn near close.

So if you want to receive a better lifestyle or a better relationship or even a better job you need to start getting different DAILY results.

The perfect way to start receiving better results in the most positive way possible is to start thinking more and more good thoughts.  Start with the gratitude exercise.  Once that becomes a daily habit move onto a daily habit of writing down your goals.  Write down your big goals FIRST then create milestone goals, easily achievable goals, in order to reach your big goals.

Do not ever limit yourself to anything.  If you can imagine it and if you believe in yourself than it CAN become a daily habit.

Creation is started with your thoughts.  Bad thoughts create bad things for you.  Good thoughts create good things for you.

I’ve been doing these daily exercises and I’ve seen some incredible results.  I believe that our thoughts, right now, make up 90% of your future (I have no idea if it is really 90% but I feel like it is).  It probably is not 90% but its damn near close my friend.

Give these thought exercises a try.  Let me know in the comments below how well they help you or if you have any other comments or questions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  I enjoyed writing it and I really appreciate you!

Much love,

Jason Braud

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Is There Always a Winner and a Loser?

Up or Down?

You get to choose.

Everything you do has an upside or downside to it.  You agree?

Think about it this way…

In sports there is always a winner and a loser (take football for example – minus the very rare times when the game ends in a tie).

The upside of being on the winning team is that you won the game.  There is ALSO an upside to losing the game as well.

How is that possible?  You lost the game, there is nothing good about that!

Well.. there actually is a good thing about losing a game or losing at anything.

First, you now have a result.  You follow me here?  The result is that you lost the game.  So what good does that have to do with losing the game?

You can now analysis your results.  Why did you lose the game?

For example:  You may have lost the game to a 60 yard TD run by the opposing tailback.  You now get to break down that run and see what went wrong.  Still following me here?

Ok good..

With the results already accomplished you get to look at film and watch how that game winning play lost you the game.  Who missed tackles, who read the play wrong, what play was called, did someone miss their assignment, etc.

Look I’m not a football player but you get what I’m trying to say.  You now get to “rewind” your results and practice on correcting those mistakes that you made during that last play of the game.

This same approach can be used in your life and business.

When something goes bad or doesn’t go as planned, look AT THE GOOD.  Focus ONLY on the good.

The good is this… you have a result.  You now have a result you can “break down” and figure out what went wrong, what choices did I make for this to happen, why didn’t I prepare myself better for this.. so on and so on.

There is always something good in everything!   Find it and focus only on that.

  • No one likes for things to go bad for them
  • No one likes for things to go the wrong way for them
  • No one likes for bad shit to happen to them
  • No one likes to see their life or business go in the wrong direction

You get to decide that for yourself!

Take the results you get from today and “break them down”.

  • Why did this happen to me?
  • What went wrong here?
  • How can I make a better choice next time so I get DIFFERENT results. :)

Now you are starting to understand what I’m trying to tell you.

Change the choices you make and you will start to get a different result.  If you aren’t happy with the results you are getting then “break them down” and figure out some different choices that you can make next time.  You will start to receive a different outcome.

Once you do this a few times it will start to become more natural to you.  You’ll find yourself capable of making better decisions before you even actually commit to them.  You will start to see the END RESULT way before you even get there.  This is a major life changing skill that ANYONE can acquire.  It does take practice and it does take believing in yourself.

You can do this!  I believe in you!

I hope you can learn something from this.  I hope this shines a light on spotting the good in everything.

Stay blessed my friend!

Much love,

Jason Braud

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The Road Less Traveled

Moving in the RIGHT direction is very important in life.


Sometimes we get distracted or led in the wrong direction.  It happens.

Realizing this is often times extremely hard.  We don’t feel like its “time” to make the conscious decision to realize this.  So what do we end up doing?

We ignore it or push it aside.  Well.. this response can really hurt us.  I did this a few years back and it came back to bite me in my ass.  See my story and how some of my past decisions/choices ended up not going so well.

We as human beings don’t like to be alone.  That’s just how it is.

BUT sometimes it’s good to be alone.. or better yet go in the opposite direction of 99% of all the other peeps out there.

So ask yourself this important question today.. heck ask yourself this question everyday!

Are the people I associate myself with helping me move closer to my goals or are they distracting me and pushing me further away from my goals?

We either PROGRESS or REGRESS.  We NEVER stay the same.

We live in the law of energy.  What we attract is from what we think, say, and act.

The direction that you are placing yourself in has a lot to do with the direction of your future.

Think about that for just a few minutes..

You put yourself in situations everyday to where you have to make a choice AND from the choices you make on that day has an effect on the direction you will be headed towards a month from now.. 6 months from now.. a year from now.. 10 years from now.. etc.

To put in layman terms.. for every effect there is a cause.  We learned the Cause and Effect law back in junior high.

If you are following in the direction of MOST everyone else.. than you are most likely going to receive the results (effect) that everyone else is receiving.

You might be in a situation where you are broke.. living in poverty.. out of a job.. or not making the kind of money that you would like to make.

There is a reason for this.  There was a cause to this at some point in your life.

My experience with this went the wrong way.  I had a rough time coming back from a downward spiral BUT I did it.  I overcame my fear of being at the bottom, having nothing, going no where.. to going somewhere.  It all started with changing the direction that I was currently going.

ONE simple change can have a HUGE effect on you and your career.

  • Don’t be afraid to “jump out on a limb”
  • Don’t be afraid to cancel a relationship with someone
  • Don’t be afraid to make a different decision than what everyone else makes
  • Don’t be afraid to take a right turn instead of a left turn
  • YOU control your effects.
  • YOU have control of YOU and no one else!

Try something NEW.

See what kind of results you get.

Make decisions for YOURSELF not for someone else.  It’s your direction and life.

I hope this post helps you continue your move in the right direction. :)

Please be sure to leave your comments below.  I appreciate you.

Much Love,

Jason Braud


Who do you ride with?


Friendship is one of the most important cycles of life.  Meaning…  Friends come and go, right?  You’ve had friends in the past that are not your friends today, correct?  With that being said.. Friendships are apart of your cycle of life.

Here’s a great tip I’ve learned over the past few years…

Create a cool Circle of Friends.  What’s the difference between a Circle of Friends and someone just being your friend?

Well.. Here’s an example of both..

Let’s just start with someone being your friend.

This person could be just someone you consider to be your friend, a co-worker or a “facebook friend”.  This could also be someone that you see only on the weekends when you go out at night or hang out with on Sundays while watching a football game, or even someone you see at church.  These friends are people that will talk to you but don’t consider you as being apart of their Circle of Friends.

Your Circle of Friends is your “gang”.. your go-to “homies” or “padres”.

These people have very, very similar characteristics as you.  You talk to these friends at least a few times a week, you hang out with them on weekdays and weekends…. You go to them for advice and share your struggles and successes with them.  Your Circle of Friends are the people that have the most effect on your life.

Key Point Here:  These people receive most of your friendship energy.

What is Friendship Energy?

You’ve heard the saying, Energy Flows Where Attention Goes, right?

This is very important to comprehend and understand clearly.

Well.. that saying comes from the Law of Energy.

Just like the Law of Motion, Law of Gravity and the Law of Attraction.. the Law of Energy is constantly flowing and working every second of the day.  It does not stop or speed up.  It is complete, constant flow with the universe.

Now don’t go all.. “This is creepy mumbo jumbo talk” on me.

Let’s clear this up real quick.

You believe in the Law of Gravity correct?

When you jump up in the air you WILL come down, correct?  Every single time too.. Not just 3 out of 5 times.. every single time!  That’s why it is called a Law, never changes.

Well the Law of Energy, NEVER CHANGES.

Every single thing on this earth has energy.  Your computer has energy, your desk has energy, your coffee cup has energy, your car has a flow of energy, YOU have a Flow of Energy, your Friendship with other people has a CONSTANT flow of Energy.  And this energy is never ending.

It always and will remain constant no matter what you do.

Now that I’ve explained the Law of Energy back to Friendship Energy.

When you hang around your friends, talk on the phone with your friends, Skype with your Friends, text with your Friends, message with your Friends, YOU ARE sending energy to them and you are also receiving energy from them.  NOW there are two types of Energy Flows… Positive and Negative.. You have no choice.. There is no in between.  Just like there is no in between the Law of Gravity, what goes up MUST come down.. no in between.

Here’s the cool part..

YOU have the choice to choose which energy flow YOU want to receive.  Isn’t that kind of nice? :-)

Which energy flow do you think is better for you?  Absolutely.. the positive one.

Your Circle of Friends will either have a Positive or Negative effect on you.  And being your Circle of Friends, these are the people you associate with the MOST.  So because of that there will ALWAYS be more energy flow from them.

If you don’t choose your Circle of Friends wisely then they will kill you.. Not literally, but kill your self-esteem, motivation and your determination.

This has been a tough choice for me to make.  I know it will, or has been, for you as well.

It’s hard to let go of the negative, energy flow, friends but trust me it will be worth it in the end.  By having a close Circle of Friends that bring positive energy can make a HUGE difference in the success that you attract into your life and business careers.

Just remember this the next time you are with or around your Circle of Friends.. NO ONE is forcing YOU to be their friend.  It’s your choice to be friends with them.

I don’t care if you have known the person all your life.  NO ONE is holding a gun to your head and telling you to be friends with them or die.  It’s amazing how life gives ALL of us the opportunity to choose.  So choose wisely my friend.

I’ll leave you with this..

Next time you are around your Circle of Friends pay close attention to your conversation.  Do y’all chat about other people, the past and events that have already occurred?  Or do y’all chat about what’s happening NOW and how you can make a positive impact on someone that might need that extra boost of energy flow?

Just remember that if you are having problems with your conversations being negative, make it a point to change the conversation and start talking about an IDEA or maybe a new project you can start.  Something to get your mind off the negative crap.

I hope you can take this and apply it to your life in a positive way.

Stay thirsty my friends.  You either progress or regress for never do you stay the same.  What goes up must come down.

Just remember there is NO in between.

Much Love,



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