How To Be Cool and Get Over 30K Twitter Followers

How To Get More Than 30k Followers

The secret to gaining a massive number of Twitter Followers and Fans.


If you don’t know How To Use Twitter or How To Gain More Twitter Followers than you need to watch this video.  I believe after you listen to what I have to say it will paint a more clear picture of how to use Twitter and engage with your end users.

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Push vs. Pull Marketing

The Difference Between Push and Pull Marketing

People are NOT dumb!  

Maybe I shouldn’t have started it off with that statement but its a very bold statement yet very, very true especially in today’s world.

People know when a message is being forced onto them or someone is pushing an action on them.

So how did people get so smart?

Were they like this many years ago?

NO, they weren’t like this years ago because push marketing became apart of their every day lifestyle.  They were use to radio ads and commercials every few minutes.  They were use to seeing TV commercials 3 or 4 times every Seinfeld episode.  Ads and commercial became an every day experience for them.  These ads and commercials are a great example of push marketing.

But what happened next?

We got smarter.  Technology wise and consumer wise.

TiVO and recorded television jumped on the scene.  We now had the CHOICE to watch commercials.  ah ha.. a CHOICE

And really.. Who likes to watch commercials especially if you have the option to NOT watch them?  Easy question to answer don’t you think?

This was the beginning of Choice Advertising.  That’s what I like to call it.  We begain to have the choice to actually watch ads or not and for most of us we would prefer to skip the ads and watch the tv show.

This began to be a mind trigger thought of “I now have the choice to watch advertising” hense the term choice advertising was born by the consumer. 

Well this became a huge battle for the advertising agencies and businesses who relied on advertising to draw in more customers and help spread their message.

What did this do for the consumer?

It gave us the idea that we now had the choice to watch ads or not.

This was the time when PUSH marketing and advertising pretty much died.  By that I mean stopped being a TRULY effective means for profitable ROI advertising.

Here’s how PULL markerting and advertising was born.

Businesses had to come up with a way to attract customers to their business without “getting on their nerves“.  This shift was and still is a huge obstacle for every business to overcome.  Lucky for us their has been a new birth of successful marketing and advertising.

What has happened over the last 6 years or so has helped businesses regain the trust of the consumer and provide them with a means to PULL new customers.

The Internet and Social Media has given us the opportunity to revive our advertising and marketing campaign strategies to finally have a great ROI while regaining that trust issue that was lost many years ago.

Smart marketers and smart advertising agencies now understand the power of Pull marketing.

How you can reach a massive number of end users just like you could back in the early days up until the mid 90s, and gain the most powerful trust on the planet when it comes to marketing…  The word of mouth.

You see social media allows us to pull our end users and customers into our business by forming a more personal relationship with them.  We now get to hear from them personally and that is such a powerful means of communication that we have never seen before.

It can get to be overwhelming at times because this new way of media and communication is so HUGE that most businesses are “scared” of it.  They fear the power of actually hearing from the customer what they really might say about their product or business but look at it this way… That is freakin’ awesome!

We now get to hear from the mouth of an actually user what they really think about our product or service.  The ULTIMATE feeback!

This all needs to start with gaining trust.  You really have to gain their trust first before any of your competitors.  If you do this and apply great customer support and service then you have a great shot at having this customer for life.

People and businesses are still PUSHING content onto the end users and customers every day.  With former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, saying last year… Every 48 hours the amount of content that is created and publised is the same amount of content that was created and published from the beginning of mankind to 2003.  Every single piece of content, every article, every TV show, news, radio content you name it!  That same amount of content is being created and PUSHED out to your end user and customer within a 48 hour window.

That’s one of the main reasons why we get so distracted every few minutes.  We didn’t have this problem 50 years ago or even 15 years ago.  That is a huge shift in the way we see, hear and read new content.

Our lives have changed just because of this new shift.  Our everyday communication and our everyday habits have changed drastically over this time frame just within the last 15 years.

Are you starting to see what I’m talking about?

With that change comes new actions and feelings.  Our feelings toward advertising for ONE has changed dramatically.

We now record our favorite TV shows, and we get to fast forward through the commercials.  I mean that right there is a huge  convenience for us that has been introduced to our everyday lifestyle.  That positive feeling and thought to us, goes something like this, I don’t have to watch commercials hell yeah!  This has had a major influence on the way we RECEIVE content.

So how do we, the consumer and end user, actually receive content?

Most of it is via the web; email, social media, Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

Real time content has become the new thing.  Real time is the best.

Think about that for a second.

Would you rather prefer to receive the answer to a question you might have right now.. or have to hunt down a specialist on the phone to get your question answered?

Google solved this problem for us and I know all of us can confirm that we have ‘googled’ something to find out the answer to a question that we had.  You have probably done this hundreds and hundreds of times by now.

You ask a question or have a need for an answer right away you go to Google.  We have been doing this for the last 8 years and consistently too.  Oh yeah, and Google is a social platform if you didn’t know that by now.

Now you mix real time results with social..  “I wonder what my friends thinks about ______?”  That’s where Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and others NOW come into play.

You have a personal connection with your friends and family so you value their opinion over a stranger that might have blogged about it 5 years ago, correct?

Your social circle of friends is the new thing.  Your Twitter and Facebook friends now have an effect on your personal decisions you make on just about anything.  These friends might not be people you have actually shook their hand or spoken to them face to face but you can resonate with them on some kind of personal interest level.

You now might have a question about, what’s a great movie to go see tonight?  15 years ago you might have called a close friend or family member to get their answer.  Eight years ago you might have gone to Google and searched for movie reviews and read other peoples comments and responses to the movies that are out in theater.  Today you go to your Facebook status or you tweet something that says:  What’s a good movie to go see that’s out right now?

The answer you get is from a mixture of responses.. close family and friends and your social circle of friends.  Now you have a larger response rate of more personal answers from close friends.  This strikes an emotional, contextual impact on the decision you make.

It’s super easy to gain a social friend as well.  If you tweet with them, or reply to their status update they immediately see that response in real time.  That right there strikes an immediate contextual relationship with you and that person.  And if that conversation extends to more back and forth chatter, either at that moment or later down the road, than that continues to build the real time trust you have with that person.

The power of social media gives you that personal touch from thousands of miles away.

Pull marketing can be seen and used in a lot of ways during our everyday interactions we have with others.  Start with social media and build your pull marketing relationships today.

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Your life is freakin awesome!  So live it up to the fullest!

Much love,

Jason Braud

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